University of Utah, Graduate Courses

Fall'(18,19) Computer Architecture

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Undergraduate Course

Spring'13 Embedded Core Design with FPGA
                         Ins.: Prof. Z. Navabi

University of Tehran, Graduate Courses

Spring'13 Pre- and Post-silicon Debugging of Digital Systems

Fall'12 Methodologies and Algorithms for ESL Design Automation

Spring'12 Automated Synthesis of Digital Circuits

University of Tehran, Undergraduate Courses

Fall'11,Spring'13 ESL Design Methodologies

Fall'12, Fall'13 FPGA-based Embedded System Design

Spring'14 Verification of Digital Systems

Spring'14 Digital Logic Design Lab

Shiraz University,Undergraduate Courses

Spring'07,Spring'08 Electronics Circuits I

Fall'07 Signals and Systems

Spring'08 Digital Logic Design

Fall'07 Computer Architecture Lab

International Branch of Shiraz University, Undergraduate Courses

Fall'09 VLSI Design

Spring'09 Digital Electronic

Spring'09 Computer Architecture

Spring'08 Electronics Circuits I

Spring'08 Signals and Systems